A Few Questions and (possibly) A Few Answers

Q: Are you for real? A: Indeed. I am 100% real.

Q: What do you really do? A: Sell space travel supplies.

Q: Oh come on. That's ridiculous. A: That wasn't a question.

Q: Fine...aren't you part a secret organization or something? A: You must be referring to 826 Seattle

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stand back for new news!

PAL!  PAL!  Where is that robot assistant of mine?  I'd been working on a letter to my dear mother when my wood-and-graphite writing tool broke.  No matter how hard I pushed the writing tool onto the sheet of white cellulose, no mark could be made.  Argh!  Where's PAL and the laser beam he uses to refashion my writing tool into a useable one again?

Sharpening more than pencils

What a minute?  What's this?  Aha!  I don't need PAL's fancy-dancy laser.  I've got Brahe's Nose Pencil Sharpener and it doesn't need any batteries or external power to work.  AND a new order of noses just arrived at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. from Tycho Brahe's actual descendants.  Tycho Brahe spotted a supernova in 1572 that tore the lid off of the idea of an unchanging sky.  Before that he was in a duel that nearly tore off his nose.  Let that be a lesson to everyone: science is awesome and dueling is dumb.

Be there or be a giant ball of gas

Galavanting galaxies!  I almost forgot!  If you're going to be on Earth on Sunday, March 4, stop by the Fremont Sunday Market because folks from the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. are going to be there!  Stock up on some necessities for your next trip into the cosmos.

One more thing!  Are you writing this down?  It's super important.  Don't worry, I'll wait.  Ready?  Be sure to join us for Pluto Day on March 10th!  Make signs at 12pm, march at 1pm, and rally at Neptune Coffee at 1:15pm.  Pluto pride forever!

And a thanks to YOU!

There's so much happening... including a SALE in anticipation of Pluto Day.  Starting Mon 2/27 through the month of March, get 10% off all Pluto and Moon gear: shirts, books, posters, and more!  Mention this promotion at the store to get your discount.  Can't make it in-person?  Go through the online store with discount code: CHARON for your 10% discount.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pluto Day on March 10th!

I still can’t believe it. What utter nonsense! Who’s in charge? Pluto is still not classified as a planet in our solar system? Surely, someone would have realized this atrocious mistake years ago and brought Pluto back into the planetary pantheon. No one? Why not?

That’s it! Pluto deserves better. I'm not going to let the International Astronomical Union cast off Pluto like so much stellar radiation unleashed to the edges of the universe. Pluto is awesome whether it’s called a planet or not. Pluto, I sing for thee!

In fact, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. is having a Pluto Day march and rally to whip the citizens of Earth into a dwarf-planet-friendly frenzy! Join the celebration and show the galaxy that even though Pluto is small, it’s a big deal!

When: Saturday, March 10 at 12pm
What: 12pm sign making workshop / 1pm march / 1:15pm rally
Where: start at Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (8414 Greenwood Ave N) / rally at Neptune Coffee (8415 Greenwood Ave N)
Who: YOU!

The festivities begin with a sign making workshop at 12pm. Bring your wit, your cleverness, and your love for Pluto because slogans on signs are the best way to proclaim Pluto! If you have signs, bring them! The times may be different but the message remains the same. Sometimes, signs alone are not enough to effectively convey how much Pluto means to me so I have to get a little more creative, more in-your-face. Do you have a costume that perfectly captures Pluto’s grace and mystery? Wear it! Prizes will be awarded to the best signs and the best costumes.

The march hits the streets at 1pm followed by a rally at Neptune Coffee at 1:15pm. I will not be able to attend as I’m just beyond Saturn on my way to a hot air balloon festival on Jupiter. In my stead, there will be astronomy and Pluto experts at the rally to answer questions and astound you with facts about Pluto and our solar system. Walk, talk, chant, and chortle with us as we declare to the galaxy “Pluto belongs!”

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Captain's Job

One of the most important duties of a captain on an interstellar voyage is keeping track of the time.  Scoff if you think that's funny but with time being relative, it is imperative to be acutely aware of your frame of reference or you'll end up older than your dear aunt Sally and how awkward would that be?  I'll tell you.  Really, really awkward.

Since I miss Earth an awful lot and was born there, I set my clock to Earth-time.  Even though I'm not often home for birthdays and holidays, I still celebrate them with my robot assistant PAL.  He consults our Lunar Calendar and decorates the ship accordingly.  I never plan a party without him.  Did you know that PAL's literally a dancing machine?  His favorite move is the Twist.

The best way to keep all those parties straight is to write it down and not lose that tiny slip of cellulose that I swear was right on the navigation console.   Good thing I don't lose my Space Pens as easily.  No space traveler should ever find themselves without a reliable communication device.  You never know when you'll have to sign autographs for future cosmonauts.

Holidays and parties don't happen everyday, however, because even though PAL is a dancing machine, he's not a party machine.  I'm hoping he gets a party upgrade soon.  Until then, we keep the crew sharp by running exercise drills and employing Mostly Harmless Training Devices.   No one's getting hurt on my watch.

Yessiree.  Lots to do as the captain.  Keeping the time, filling the time, finding the time, and biding my time.  It's a wonder how it all gets done but I have great time doing it.  Phew!  I think it's getting close to my favorite event: nap time... right after we swing by the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. to pick up more party supplies.

Speaking of parties, save the date for the PLUTO DAY march and rally!
  • Saturday March 10th at 12pm
  • Meet at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (8414 Greenwood Ave N)
  • We'll make signs, chant for Pluto and the other dwarf planets, and rally at Neptune coffee
More info is coming so stay tuned!  To tide you over, here's a sneak peek at a new Pluto t-shirt design, complete with moons!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lunar Calendars for 2012!

Hot off the presses!  The new Lunar Calendar for 2012!  What better way to track the passage of time than by the elegant waxing and waning of our own satellite? 

  • Follow your favorite phases from crescent to quarter to half!
  • Know when you can bathe in the cool reflected light of the full moon!
  • Plan on having all manner of uncommon events happen on the blue moon!
  • Tired of the old moon?  A new moon's on the way! 
Fly by the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. to pick up your Lunar Calendar before the next solar revolution!