A Few Questions and (possibly) A Few Answers

Q: Are you for real? A: Indeed. I am 100% real.

Q: What do you really do? A: Sell space travel supplies.

Q: Oh come on. That's ridiculous. A: That wasn't a question.

Q: Fine...aren't you part a secret organization or something? A: You must be referring to 826 Seattle

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GSTS takes to the streets!

It may have been a dismal day in Greenwood this past Saturday, but spirits were high when we took to the streets at 2pm. With a loud explosion of cheers, we marched to protest the 2006 IAU decision to redefine “planet”, thus removing Pluto from the planetary pantheon. Over 30 protesters participated, chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, the IAU has got to go” and “Damn it, Janet – Pluto is a planet.”

At 2:15, we invaded the aptly named Neptune Coffee for our rally. We celebrated our littlest celestial neighbor with the help of special guests Alan Boyle (msnbc.com science editor) and Jackie Giuliano (president of Seattle’s Center for Lifelong Learning and former Educational Outreach Manager for NASA's Pluto Express project). Passions ran high. 

We even had a counter-protester.  His protestations were no match for our cheers of triumph!

For a full recap of the day's events, take a gander at the Seattle PI's Big Blog report.

See you next year!