A Few Questions and (possibly) A Few Answers

Q: Are you for real? A: Indeed. I am 100% real.

Q: What do you really do? A: Sell space travel supplies.

Q: Oh come on. That's ridiculous. A: That wasn't a question.

Q: Fine...aren't you part a secret organization or something? A: You must be referring to 826 Seattle

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Kids-It's New!


PRACTICAL USES: You never know where (or when) your travels will take you, or how far you'll be from a functioning laundromat. Terrors unforeseen,  long queues, or simple forgetfulness are trials all travelers must face at some point and, as we like to say, its always best to be better prepared.

NOTES: Emergency Underpants are for use in emergencies only. Emergency Underpants fits most adults and are always ready to use.

IDEAL FOR:  Anyone who scares easily, forgetful people Ages 3+

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