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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Revolution Begins NOW!

Already a month into our latest revolution around the Sun? My how quickly we orbit. And at a rate of 108,000 km/h, I'd say that's a pretty fast clip. Best to take advantage of the time ahead before we find it behind us, no? So let’s lift off!

Looking into the future, by which I mean asking my robot assistant PAL to check my calendar for me, I can see a full schedule of exciting events, activities, and delectable holidays. Save the dates because you do not want to miss the fun, frivolity, and food at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.!

The 5th Annual Pluto Day Rally!


I haven't forgotten about Pluto and its reclassification to "dwarf planet". I remember when it was a planet. The 9th planet. The littlest planet with even littler moons including a newly discovered FIFTH moon! Then there were new rules that left us with a new planetary pantheon and Pluto was left out in the cold.

As it turns out, there are tons of Pluto-sized objects that are neither planets nor satellites of planets in our solar system. They don't follow regular orbits nor does their gravity affect their neighbors too strongly. They're out there doing their own thing, forging their own paths, and making the far reaches of our solar system way more interesting.

The Kuiper Belt is chock full of these objects! So far, we've got five dwarf planets: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris. Who knows how many we will find once all the data is in?

So join us in March as we shout to the heavens and celebrate Pluto, the dwarf planets, and the yet-to-be-discovered objects in our very own solar system. Even the smallest celestial bodies deserve a big party. Be sure to check in for more info! You won’t want to miss our 5th Annual Pluto Rally!

Happy Pi Day!

Our new favorite holiday is Pi Day where we celebrate pi, the mathematical constant that is so ubiquitous and so remarkably helpful, it's easy to take for granted how powerful a ratio - circumference to diameter, 3.14 - can be. So clear your calendars on March 14 ‘cause it’s Pi Day! Get it? That’s 3/14. Yup. You get it.

Everyone loves pi. Everyone also loves pie. See what I did there?

So for the love of pi, join us on March 14! We will honor pi by eating pie, that most delicious of circular desserts. We may even have round cakes and cookies. In fact, let's eat everything that boasts a circumference! Oranges! Pizza! Quesadillas! Watermelon! Cheese wheels! The possibilities are as infinite as the corners on a circle!

Come back for the details as we round out our plans. Ha! That was a good one.

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