A Few Questions and (possibly) A Few Answers

Q: Are you for real? A: Indeed. I am 100% real.

Q: What do you really do? A: Sell space travel supplies.

Q: Oh come on. That's ridiculous. A: That wasn't a question.

Q: Fine...aren't you part a secret organization or something? A: You must be referring to 826 Seattle

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Website in Time for the Holidays!

Captain’s Log: Stardate 12.05.2011

It’s here! So sleek! So modern! So navigable! It could be lovely enough to rival Saturn’s majestic rings or the atmospheric bands on Jupiter! You don’t know? I suppose with the onset of the holiday season anything that isn’t bedecked, bedazzled, or beglittered can be easily missed. Allow me to explode your mind... We are launching a new website for the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.! Whatever your interstellar travel need and wherever you are on Earth (international shipping available!), we can help you gear up for any and all adventures.

Books to pass the time during long-term space travel!
Stylish t-shirts for the fashion conscious cosmonaut!
A Map of the Known Universe because in space, no one can give you directions!
And more things you don’t even know you need!

Being a seasoned space traveller has taught me a thing or five, the most important of which is, “A lack of preparation is a prescription for mishaps.” I don’t like the taste of medicine and “mishaps” sounds disgusting so I make sure I’m fully stocked in “preparation”. You can never have too much “preparation”, fellow travellers, just like you can never be too careful or never inflate too many gaseous containment units.

Check out our new Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. website and get packing for your next stellar journey!


  1. It's awesome, but I can't find any credits! Who designed it?